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Efficient use of resources
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How can our standard of living remain high while at the same time we use fewer resources? How can we use less in producing goods? How can we use less fuel in taking raw materials to factories and finished goods to shops?

Our present way of life uses up too many scarce resources. We must reduce our production of waste. We must recycle more. We have one of the lowest recycling rates in Europe. We produce 14 million tonnes of waste every year in Scotland. 90% goes to landfill, blighting the environment of communities nearby. Who should lead the way in recycling waste? How much are we prepared to do ourselves? What can we do in the next 5 years to cut waste and make the most of the waste we do create?

Consumption of plastics has doubled in the last 15 years and only 3% is recycled. Almost every month new improved computers and mobile phones come on the market - the out-dated ones are often simply discarded. An estimated 30% of domestic waste is due to unnecessary packaging. How should organisations and individuals avoid generating waste? How can we ensure that the business opportunities from recycling are exploited in Scotland? How do we change attitudes and persuade consumers to request supplier action?

Disposing of waste means using up valuable land. Bottle banks and other recycling initiatives have been around for over 10 years but how effective are they? Are you prepared to separate your household waste into paper for recycling, organic waste for composting, bottles and cans for recycling? How should individuals reduce waste and reuse things?

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