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Poverty and social justice
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How can we make poverty and poor housing a thing of the past? Can we make sure that everyone shares in Scotland's progress? Can we make discrimination a thing of the past?

Everyone should have the opportunity to fulfil his or her potential. Combating poverty is indispensable to sustainable development. Everyone should have access to high quality public services, decent housing and good local environments. There need to be clearer mechanisms for obtaining legal advice and better access to justice, as well as support for people coming together to improve their communities. To what extent do we agree both on a common social justice agenda and on the way we achieve it?

Everyone should have access to education, training and employment opportunities. We need to ensure a higher proportion of working age people gain qualifications and continue to take advantage of life-long learning training schemes. How can the Scottish community reduce literacy and numeracy problems and improve IT skills?

There is a need to build trust between individuals, government and businesses. This can be achieved by improving public access to information, such as environmental information, held by public authorities. There is also a need for more informed public engagement, encouraging greater participation in decision making. How can social justice be fully incorporated into Scotland's move towards sustainable development?

Strong communities must be safe communities. What does the sustainable development debate have to say about law and order?

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