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Review Site

It would help us if you could answer a few questions so that we can evaluate and further improve the e-consultant system.
1. Where have you been using this website today?
 School or College
 Internet cafe
 Friend's house
 Community centre
 Somewhere else
2. How easy did you find the site to use?
 Easy enough
 Confusing in places
 Quite difficult
3. Did you feel 'lost' at any stage?
 Yes, a couple of times
 Yes, most of the time
4. Generally, what do you think of the public using electronic tools to participate in democracy?
 A good idea
 A poor idea
 You can say more here, if you like 
5. Could you see yourself using a website like this again?
 Not sure
6. Any suggestions for improvement?
7. Finally, how did you find out about this website
Thank you for taking part

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