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Transport to get you around

Here are some of the ideas that started off the comments:
More bike tracks!

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in Edinburugh they are bringing in lots of new buses and bus lannes but the buses themselves are no .....(read more...) (0)
robin 15
02/05/2000 22:33
why oh why will parents not drive us around and the buses are always late its a disgrace!!!!! (0)
I wish to remain nameless
03/05/2000 12:27
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Transport in Edinburgh is a joke, the bus service has recently changed the timetable and service rou.....(read more...) (1)
03/05/2000 22:13
Some areas of Inverness are fine, they have buses running every 10 or so minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 .....(read more...) (0)
09/05/2000 19:10
The transport situation if improving but it is still very bad, the worst thing is that people are so.....(read more...) (0)
17/05/2000 14:54
i think there should be transport to get me around (0)
19/05/2000 15:23
I don't think bus companies should employ Grumpy old men!! Some bus drivers are sooo moany and shoul.....(read more...) (0)
24/05/2000 19:58
Hi there I just want to say that although some areas are considered to be urban - this does not nece.....(read more...) (0)
25/05/2000 16:46
The new buses in Edinburgh are great but when you get on an old bus they're pretty scabby. Since I m.....(read more...) (0)
26/05/2000 14:14
I live on an island (stronsay). There are no buses, only one very expensive taxi for going a short d.....(read more...) (0)
26/05/2000 16:38
I think the buses in edinburgh are not too bad. LRT has 50p for anywhere for anyone under 16 and th.....(read more...) (0)
30/05/2000 14:31
I have read loads of comments about the buses but what about the trains? I went down to London rece.....(read more...) (0)
Bob again
30/05/2000 14:40
i think the transport up in fort william is terrible i live up the plantation and there is a bus eve.....(read more...) (0)
30/05/2000 18:56
I think the transport dose not run enought and is to expensive. (0)
Michael D.
02/06/2000 14:01
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There are no bus at the weekend to dunoon so ican not get in to dunoon to see my friends (1)
sam from lochgoilhead
06/06/2000 13:49
Public transport is a mess it is costly, unclean, unrealiable and in our area there are few buses wi.....(read more...) (0)
Suz &Al (ANGUS)
12/06/2000 16:46

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