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SmartGov: A Knowledge-Based Design Approach to Online Social Service Creation


This paper covers the work of the SmartGov project, a collaborative project funded by the European Commission under their Information Society Technologies (IST) 5th Framework Programme, as it has been piloted in the Social Work Department in the City of Edinburgh Council.

The most significant innovation of the SmartGov platform, which sets it apart from other recent online service implementations for Public Authorities is its use of the e-government ontology. This enables the staff at the Public Authority to record and categorise expert knowledge that they have accrued about service provision so that it can be disseminated among staff, and where applicable selected knowledge can be made available to the users to assist in their completion of online forms and use of the service. The application described in this paper applies knowledge management techniques using knowledge units and an e-government ontology, to develop and deliver an assessment system for the supply of equipment and adaptations. We describe the building of the SmartGov platform, then detail the deployment in the Equipment and Adaptations service. Finally we consider the performance and evaluation measures for the application.