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Evaluation of a Risk-Modelling Tool at the Business Case of eService Projects - Results from a Workshop in the UK


It is accepted that public administrations may benefit from eGovernment initiatives. Unfortunately, for various reasons recent reports show that eService projects fail on a grand scale. Potentially speaking, proper risk-modelling techniques could be employed to assist in this situation. A current doctorate research programme looks at the relevance of a risk-modelling tool engaged at the pre-proposal phase of eGovernment projects in the UK. This article describes a research strategy that is found on scenario-guided focus group workshops that aims to supply the doctorate’s questions with adequate answers. One such workshop recently took place in the UK, where eGovernment practitioners working at the Edinburgh City Council participated. The paper presents the fruitful results from that workshop, which were about the relevance of a risk-modelling tool at the business case stage of a potential eService project for the local government. It is hoped that this research document may contribute and assist parties involved in the development and research of eServices for the government.