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HUWY D3.1 Content

This document describes the content framework for the HUWY project as well as outlining the main types of content that will be added to the Hub websites. It is a record of the development of the content framework, an overview of how content on the sites will be organised, examples of content and a plan for the next steps of the project. Activities in the period described in this document include: * Various workshops and focus groups with young people in Estonia (see D5.11) * Focus group with young people at the Northern Ireland Youth Forum. * Electronic brainstorming workshop at HUWY consortium meeting. * Evening workshop with NIYF young people at QUB. * Residential workshop with young people from Ireland and Northern Ireland in Donegal. * 2 workshops with young people in Scotland (see D2.12) * Analysis of Internet policy issues (from IGF and WSIS). * Meetings with German youth media group Jugendpresse Deutschland3 This report begins with a description of the methods used to develop a content framework that would encourage young people to engage with HUWY topics, yet also support policy makers in their use of young people‘s results and ideas. The report then builds a picture of how the types of content should be assembled and how it will be organised on the Hub websites. Types of content discussed in this report include: * Resources to support youth group participants and facilitators * Guidance for facilitators and participants * Resources to support policy-makers * Structuring results from groups of young people The document concludes with a look at the steps necessary to ensure that each country has suitable content for the launch of the Hub websites.