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First e-Petition goes live on new Scottish Parliament e-Petitioner system

Following the success of the ITC's e-Petitioner system, the Scottish Parliament's Public Petitions Committee (PPC) suggested a more thorough integration of e-petitioner with their pages on the Parliament's website. Accordingly, in Spring 2003, e-petitioner was 're-branded' to merge seamlessly with the Scottish Parliament website. It now hosts online petitions to the Parliament and visitors may read and sign a petition, read background information and join in a discussion about the topic and follow the progress of submitted petitions through Parliamentary Committees on the PPC's web pages.

The first e-Petition hosted on the system (and the first e-Petition of the 2nd parliamentary session) went live on 13th May 2003.

On 25th March the new e-Petitioner was demonstrated to a team visiting from the Bundestag (German Parliament), who were visiting the Scottish Parliament's Public Petition's Committee.

The new e-Petitioner website

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