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HANDS, elected eTEN Project of the year 2007

HANDS Logo The Helping Answers Decision Service (HANDS) initiative has been elected as the eTEN Project of the year 2007 in an online public voting open at between 21 December 2007 and 21 January 2008. Having received almost one third of all the votes submitted by professionals in eGovernment, eInclusion and eHealth, HANDS is an online service designed to facilitate and ameliorate communication between citizens and Public Bodies.

ITC took part as the research partner with responsibility for evaluation of the application. Our work ranged from developing tools and server scripts for measuring the performance of the search engine through to managing workshops with key stakeholders to identify how HANDS could meet their needs and expectations.

We presented initial results described in a paper [1] at the eChallenges conference in October 2006.

HANDS was based on the technology developed in the EDEN Project, where ITC was the evaluation and research partner.

[1] Cruickshank, P. and Macintosh, A. (2006) ‘An Intelligent front-end for Government Websites’. In P. Cunningham & M. Cunningham (Eds.) Exploiting the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications and Case Studies; IOS press, ISBN 1-58603-682-3, pp.427-434. Document available here.

You can read the official announcement here. For more information on the projects nominated for the award please visit the awards website, Visit HANDS project home page to find out more about the application. Alternatively, you can watch a video.

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