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ITC give evidence to House of Commons Procedure Committee

In November 2007, the House of Commons Procedure Committee launched an inquiry into e-petitions.

ITC have a depth of knowledge in this area and a historical role in the use of e-petitions systems by parliaments (for example by providing systems for the Scottish Parliament and the German Bundestag). So we submitted a written response to the enquiry: ITC’s Submission to the House of Commons Procedure Committee.

The Procedure Committee then invited ITC to give evidence as part of a panel. To this end Kathy Buckner and Ella Taylor-Smith visited the House of Commons in January 2008, to give evidence to the Committee. The transcript of this meeting is available here.

Procedure Committee Report

The House of Commons Procedure Committee has now (April 2008) published a report on its enquiry into e-petitions.

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