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eParticipation projects: EuroPetition

In collaboration with our international partners[*] The International Teledemocracy Centre (which is part of the Centre for Social Informatics in the School of Computing) has recently been awarded an EU funded project in the field of e-Participation. The EuroPetition project which will start on 1st January 2009 will implement a trans-European Local Authority service providing distributed citizen engagement and interaction with the European Parliament’s PETI Petitions Committee and the European Citizens Initiative. It will utilise an open-source version of Napier’s e-petitioner system - developed by Public-I - to coordinate and submit cross-border and pan-European Citizen Initiative EuroPetitions from 5 European regions: Estonia, Italy, Netherland, Sweden and the UK and will involve over 4.9 million citizens across the EU. It will strengthen and broaden citizens' participation in democratic decision-making and contribute to better legislation through applying the latest available innovative ICT. Napier will receive approximately 7.5% of the 750,000 Euro award. Ella Taylor-Smith and Kathy Buckner were instrumental in getting the award. Colin Smith will be Principal Investigator and Peter Cruickshank the Research Fellow.


  1. MAC - The National Microelectronics Applications Centre Ltd (IE)
  2. Public-i Group Ltd UK)
  3. Napier University (UK)
  4. Bristol City Council (UK)
  5. (NL)
  6. The Innovation Institute for Citizens` Wellbeing (ES)
  7. NESTOR s.c.a.r.l. - Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata (IT)
  8. Malmö Stad (SE)

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