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eParticipation projects: HuWY

The International Teledemocracy Centre (which is part of the Centre for Social Informatics in the School of Computing) is leading an EU-funded project to support young people to influence policies related to the Internet, through a distributed discussion. Hub Websites for Youth Participation (HuWY) is sponsored by the European Commission under the eParticipation preparatory action 2008 and runs for 25 months from January 2009 to January 2011. The Award is worth 500,000 euros, of which Napier receive 14.5%.

The project aims both to provide a good method for young people to influence relevant policies and also to trial a distributed discussion model for eParticipation. HuWY partners provide information, support and organise influential audiences for young people’s suggestions. The Hub websites hold supporting information and structured space for results and feedback from policy-makers. Young people choose the topics and questions, host the discussions on their web pages and post the results on the Hubs.

The project has been developed in partnership with organisations in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany and Estonia and joined by policy-makers from each of the 4 countries (see partners below). In addition, we are forming alliances with organisations for young people and would like to hear from any young people (age range about 16 -21) or youth groups who are interested in getting involved.

Ella Taylor-Smith and Kathy Buckner coordinated the successful proposal. Ella will be the Principal Investigator and the contact for the project:



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