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Nigerian Delegation to visit ITC

A group of delegates from Nigeria are visiting Scotland this week to delve deeper into the interface between formal politics and civil society. The group includes state representatives as well as representatives from non-governmental organisations and a number of attendees from the Niger Delta Development Corporation.

The emphasis of their visit is ‘citizen empowerment’, and they will spend a large part of their week learning at firsthand how the Scottish Parliament works and the role of our MSPs.

One highlight will be a discussion with the Parliament’s unique Public Petitions Committee. This is a key part of the Parliament's commitment to participation, openness and accessibility, and allows individuals, community groups and organisations to participate in the policy scrutiny process by raising issues of concern with their Parliament.

The International Teledemocracy Centre (ITC) at Edinburgh Napier University worked with the Parliament to develop an innovative e-Petitioner system, allowing users to create or support a petition live on the Internet rather than just on paper.

The delegation are visiting the ITC to find out more about e-Petitioner, and also a range of current e-democracy projects. Edinburgh Napier researchers will be exhibiting projects on using the internet for youth participation, supporting dialogue between communities (formerly) in conflict, and to provide parliamentarians with systems to allow mobile working.

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