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HUWY: Young people’s experience and advice on Internet Policies

Triin and Mary On Thursday, 3rd December, the HUWY project held a very successful event at Edinburgh’s eScience Institute to mark the beginning of the interactive phase of

HUWY believe that young people are valuable expert stakeholders in current Internet governance issues like

Valeri and Victoria So, the HUWY project aims to get young people talking about policies and laws which affect the Internet and channel their ideas to governments and parliaments, national and EU. HUWY pilots a distributed discussion model to achieve this, with people exploring and discussing the themes in their own online spaces.

Thursday’s event -Young people’s experience and advice on Internet Policies -aimed to bring together people who are interested in young people’s use of the Internet, let them know about the HUWY project and encourage them to get involved in the new year. Young people, people from youth organisations and people involved in forming or implementing policies and laws on Internet use, all came along to the event, as well as experts in eParticipation.

Before lunch, a series of short presentations set the scene:

Neal and Fran In the afternoon, everyone split into 2 workshops and afterwards came together for summaries and closing.
Here is a zipped webcast (93Mb) of the summary and conclusions.

Workshops on YouTube

new Extracts from the HUWY launch workshop discussions now on YouTube

Workshop 1: Do as You Say or Do as We Do.

The workshop Do as You Say or Do as We Do, was organised by Donegal Youth Services and Youth Work Ireland and facilitated by 3 young people: Kevin Carter, Claire Petersen, Thomas Blockley The workshop began with a presentation from the three youth facilitators, which focused on how young people use the internet. Specific attention was given to three main aspects identified by these young internet users: multimedia, research and communication.

The facilitators then guided workshop participants into break-out group discussions, which explored the chosen issues, identifying ways to encourage safer use of the Internet, while appreciating its place at the centre of young people’s (and all of our) lives.

Workshop 2: Making a difference - how to translate engagement into change

Ella and Joachim This workshop was organised by Ian Johnson, Ministry of Justice, and took the form of a round table discussion, exploring engagement processes, especially in a UK context. The discussion covered:

More about HUWY

There’s more about this event on these 2 HUWY blog posts:

If you want to get involved in or know more about the HUWY project contact Ella Taylor-Smith:

eParticipation EU The HuWY project is sponsored by the European Commission under the eParticipation preparatory action.


ITC are the project coordinators.

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