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Electronic First for Scottish Education Launched at Aberdeen Conference, 15th December 2000

Working in partnership with the International Teledemocracy Centre (ITC) of Napier University, Learning and Teaching Scotland is providing electronic consultation on its proposals for Education for Citizenship using a specially-designed website: This innovative and exciting development means that users of the World Wide Web can access the consultation paper Education for Citizenship, read comments made by others and add their own responses. Looking forward to the launch of the website at a joint LT Scotland/Aberdeen City Council conference on education for citizenship on Friday 15 December, Mike Baughan, Chief Executive of LT Scotland said:

“This electronic consultation is a very exciting new initiative. As far as we know, it is a first for Scottish education. In developing our ideas about education for citizenship for young people it is particularly appropriate to make best use of what the Internet has to offer. Learning and Teaching Scotland has been delighted to work with the International Teledemocracy Centre on this, and we are now looking forward to large numbers of people accessing the website to join the debate online. We will be monitoring the e-consultation closely as it will provide a possible model for LT Scotland’s consultations on aspects of the school curriculum in the future.”

Also to be announced at the conference is a pack of consultation materials for teachers to use with young people to make sure that the voice of youth is heard on the subject of citizenship. Published by LT Scotland, the pack was commissioned from Save the Children in Scotland and is being trialled by all Scottish local authorities.

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