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Scottish Parliament e-Petitioner: Finalist for eEurope Award for eGovernment

The evaluators commented:

The system was developed through a partnership between Napier University's International Teledemocracy Centre, BT Scotland, and The Scottish Parliament. Their shared interest in online public participation struck a chord with the NGO WWF Scotland, who saw an opportunity for more effective lobbying, and submitted the first e-petition to enhance the public profile of a campaign on marine national parks back 2000.

After thorough piloting, The Scottish Parliament e-Petitioner system was launched in February 2004, providing citizens with a means to voice concerns through formal processes of Parliament. The e-petitioning model adopted is unique in that it is open to any citizen to raise and sign an e-petition, or to add comments to an online discussion if they wish. The e-petitioning management process is seamlessly integrated with procedures for handling paper petitions, which citizens can choose to use instead of or in conjunction with e-petitions.

In the 12 months since its formal launch e-Petitioner has attracted 20,812 signatures and 639 discussion comments, on 45 e-petitions. E-petition impacts have included getting issues debated in Parliament, getting other public bodies to take action, and changing

The eEurope Awards recognise innovative initiatives in the areas of eGovernment within Europe. The overall goal of the eEurope Awards is to promote best practice among the Member States of the enlarged European Union, the candidate countries as well as the EFTA countries. This year More 234 cases from 28 European countries were submitted.

As a finalist, e-Petitioner will be presented at the Ministerial eGovernment Conference 2005 in Manchester on 24th November 2005.

Scottish Parliament e-Petitioner system

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