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EU: SmartGov

A Governmental Knowledge-based Platform for Public Sector Online Services.

SmartGov ran from February 2002 - January 2004. It was funded by the European Commission through its Information Society Technologies programme (IST-2001-35399). The project partners were the University of Athens, the Greek Ministry of Finance, Archetypon, TNB, Indra, the City of Edinburgh Council and Napier University.

The main objective of the project was to help public authority employees to design, deliver and maintain electronic services. This was achieved through the use of the SmartGov software platform that was developed in the project.

Public authority staff used the SmartGov software to define the logic behind a service, document their knowledge of various aspects of the service, specify how the service was to be supported by IT systems and monitor how the service is being used. Key issues for the project were the design of forms, the level of trust in electronic services (on both the service supplier side and the service recipient side) and the application of various types of knowledge.

The ITC's contributions to the project were in requirements gathering (in close collaboration with the City of Edinburgh Council), investigation of social and socio-technical aspects of electronic service delivery, derivation of process models for electronic service delivery and evaluation of the SmartGov platform. A major deliverable from the project was D71: The Framework for e-Government Services (which is available for free download).

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