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Ur'say for Young Scot

As a partner on this initiative, the ITC carried out social research for Young Scot's Ur'Say channel. This included developing new action-research models for online facilitation and moderation of online discussion fora and exploring the development of democratic participation and consultation models with young people.

With support from the Scottish Executive the Ur'Say channel was a registered members' discussion forum: designed to engage a wide range of young people with contemporary issues, facilitate constructive discussion on a series of social and political topics, and to influence policy-making.

The ITC and Young Scot investigated updating the Ur'Say channel to be more useful and effective by focusing on the local, rather than national, Ur'Say channels. COSLA and Young Scot have been involved in all Scottish councils establishing a Dialogue Youth Unit: addressing key national priorities in relation to young people and education, health, transport, crime and jobs as well as supporting local community planning aims and objectives and engaging young people. A local discussion forum on the Young Scot website was provided for each council area, providing Dialogue Youth Units with the capacity to hold regional consultations. This area is currently called the 'Have Your Say Channel'.

A number of new options were considered which could be be added to Ur'Say for online consultations; providing a 'toolkit' that would allow for various requirements. ITC worked with Young Scot on the creation of a manual to provide information about both on and offline principles and activities for successful consultation with young people.

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On May 16th 2002 Scottish First Minister, Jack McConnell launched the new online youth information portal, The portal was designed to consolidate and expand on Young Scot's existing range of services and to develop a range of useful interactive applications for young people. Originally established over 20 years ago, Young Scot provides a range of useful and credible services- including handbooks, newsletters, legal information telephone lines, access to small project grants, retailer discount cards, European information and travel advice. In addition, Young Scot is actively involved on a regional level, developing face to face activities designed to offer young people a broad range of informal educational experiences.

Please note that anyone can view the discussions, but you will need to be a member to post comments.

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