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EU - EuroPetition

The EuroPetition project is implementing a trans-European Local Authority service providing distributed citizen engagement and interaction with the European Parliamentĺs PETI Petitions Committee and the European Citizens' Initiative.

EuroPetition is a Local Authority provided service providing distributed citizen engagement and interaction with the European Parliament and Citizens Initiative online procedures using a proven open-source UK ePetitions service and experience, and building on the innovative and state-of-the-art Web 2.0 applications. The project will Pilot Trial the coordination and submission of cross-border and pan-European Citizen Initiative EuroPetitions from 5 regions in Spain (Andalucia), Italy (Vineto), the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK (England) and involving over 4.9 million citizens across the EU.

The project is working with clusters of Local Authorities and citizens in each of the 5 pilot territories to build both local and trans-national EuroPetitions for submission to the European Parliament and a Citizens Initiative to the Commission. The project aims to create a simple and scalable process which will build local support for petitions and then to migrate these to other territories to achieve cross-border and ultimately pan-European support.

Edinburgh Napier carried out formative and summative evaluations of the project results.

The EuroPetition project is sponsored by the European Commission under EU eParticipation preparatory action.

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