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The New Scottish Politics of Information:Governance and Information Technology in the Devolved Scotland

The thesis provides an analysis of the new Scottish politics of information. It examines the implications of ICTs for the reformation of Scottish politics within the new historical moment of devolution. The positioning of distributed technologies within this moment are contrasted with the development of a new politics of centralised political computing. These oppositional political forces are in turn connected via the broader remit of Informatisation. The research uses the political theories of Transformational Politics and Reinforcement Politics to offer an analysis of the state of play within the new politics of information. It establishes the tensions between those theorists and activists, who argue for the ability of ICTs to transform politics and social relations, and those who maintain that ICTs will be used to reinforce and strengthen the powers of established elites.

Paul was supervised by Professor Margaret Grieco, Professor Norman Bonney, and Dr Alistair Duff

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