Edinburgh Napier University Academic Board Elections, Nov 2008

Election uncontested

"I am pleased to confirm the appointment of a new Academic Board member from the School of Health & Social Sciences. As at close of nominations on Tuesday 18 November, a valid nomination had been submitted for Janis McDonald Greig. This was the sole nomination received and therefore no election process is required.

Janis McDonald Greig is therefore appointed unopposed as the next member of Academic Board for a period of four years."

Alex Turnball, Deputy Returning Officer, Thursday 20 November 2008


For all questions about the elections, contact the Deputy Returning Officer: Alex Turnbull, Secretariat & Management Services (Napier) on 455 6408 or email a.turnbull@napier.ac.uk

Or the Returning Officer: John McDermott, Secretariat & Management Services (Napier) on 455 6402 or email J.McDermott@napier.ac.uk

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