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This consultation is closed now, but you can still see all the responses, read the discussion document, and see who contributed. Thank you to all who took part.

Who wanted this consultation done?
Learning and Teaching Scotland, the new national advisory body for education in Scotland. LT Scotland will work in partnership with others to develop the curriculum from 3 to 18, to enhance learning and teaching and to promote creative and effective use of information and communications technology in education and in learning throughout life.

Who did they want to consult?
LT Scotland consider Education for Citizenship important for a wide range of people in schools and pre-school centres, and in the wider community. They wish the consultation exercise to reach all the people it affects or who have a genuine interest in the issue.

What about and why?
The nature, importance and aims of education for citizenship in Scotland and the characteristics of effective practice.

How did people respond, and to what kinds of questions?
To see which questions have been answered and by how many people, check the

How will the results be used?
Responses will help with refining and developing the Education for Citizenship in Scotland paper further towards a national statement supported by guidance material.

When was the e-consultation period?  
Consultation start date: 14 December 2000
Participation Period: 14 December 2000 - 16 March 2001
Feedback date: 31 May 2001

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