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Q I.1: The paper argues that schools and pre-5 centres have key roles to play in educating young people for active and responsible citizenship. What is your view?
Section 2: What should education for citizenship seek to achieve?
Q 2.2.1: Education for citizenship should aim to develop capability for thoughtful and responsible participation in political, economic, social and cultural life. How far do you agree with this statement of the overall goal of education for citizenship?
Q 2.3.1: What are your views on the approach to defining and exemplifying knowledge and understanding associated with capable citizenship? (Note: more detailed statements & examples are in Annex A, see questionA)
Q 2.3.2: What are your views on the statements about the skills and competences required for capable citizenship? (Note: more detailed statements & examples are in Annex B, see questionB)
Q 2.3.3: What are your views about the statements on values and dispositions for citizenship?
Section 3: Effective education for citizenship in practice
Q 3.2.2: What are the implications of an inclusive, participative ethos for teaching and learning and for educational establishments?
Q 3.4.2: What comments do you have on opportunities for education for citizenship within the 5-14 curriculum?
Section 4: Implications and next steps
Q 4.1.3: Should education for citizenship be assessed and accredited?

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