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Lifestyle and Transport
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How do we lead satisfying lives without consuming too many resources? How should we travel around in the 21st century? Have local authorities focused too much on discouraging cars in cities and too little on improving and integrating public transport?

A good transport system is essential for a strong economy and a good quality of life. By 2025, world-wide, we can expect to have more than a billion cars on the road. Car exhaust emissions currently account for roughly 15% of CO2 output. More cars mean more climate change. Would we, as individuals, be willing to use our cars less where there is a suitable alternative? Can the experience in other countries help us?

Do we need community strategies for local sustainable development which take account of economic, social and environmental development. If so, how should community-based sustainable development strategies be linked to Local Agenda21 and Community Planning? Do we need to encourage shops to stock local produce? What are the obstacles to this? We need to ensure that we have good local access to services and facilities that we require and that make a community sustainable How and why should business support sustainable communities?

Basically we need to change our attitudes to life and the way we live. What values do we need to emphasise in our lives and our communities, to make a difference to Scotland's environment? What initiatives are needed to promote lifestyle changes needed for sustainable development?

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