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This consultation is closed now, but you can still see all the responses and read the background information Thank you to all who took part.

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Efficient use of resources
How can our standard of living remain high while at the same time we use fewer resources? How can we use less in producing goods? How can we use less fuel in taking raw materials to factories and finished goods to shops?
83 Efficient use of resources
Energy and climate change
Where should the balance lie between different energy sources such as coal, oil, gas, nuclear and renewable, like wind power? Where is the greatest scope for energy efficiency?
70 Energy and climate change
How can we protect our landscape and the diversity of wildlife within it? Can we 'clean up' our land, rivers and sea? Can industry, farming and fisheries grow without damaging their surroundings?
62 Environment
Poverty and social justice
How can we make poverty and poor housing a thing of the past? Can we make sure that everyone shares in Scotland's progress? Can we make discrimination a thing of the past?
32 Poverty and social justice
Economic growth and employment
How can our economy continue to grow? How can environmental policies co-exist with economic growth? How can we provide enough work for everyone?
41 Economic growth and employment
Lifestyle and Transport
How do we lead satisfying lives without consuming too many resources? How should we travel around in the 21st century? Have local authorities focused too much on discouraging cars in cities and too little on improving and integrating public transport?
65 Lifestyle and Transport
Public Health
How can we increase our healthy life expectancy? Do we know how safe our food is? How can we improve our air quality?
22 Public Health
Good Practice
If you are involved in or have noticed good examples of sustainable development in action, please share them.
17 Good Practice


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