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Future Scotland : a civic partnership for sustainable development

from the Civic Forum newsletter, July 02
The Future Scotland Civic Report was published at a well-attended meeting in Edinburgh on Monday 25 June, addressed by Maureen Child (UK Sustainable Development Commissioner), Damian Killeen (on behalf of the Civic Forum Sustainable Development Group), Debbie Wilkie (Civic Forum) and Sandy Cameron (Scottish Executive). The report is a complete record of the Future Scotland consultation events conducted last summer.

We used the event to announce our intention to form a Civic Partnership to promote sustainable development. At present the organisations exploring this are: ACTS, CBI Scotland, Education 21, Federation of Small Businesses, NIDOS (Network of International Development Organisations in Scotland), Oxfam in Scotland, People and Planet (a student group), Poverty Alliance, Scottish Civic Forum, SCDI, SCVO, Scottish Environment LINK, STUC, Scottish Youth Parliament, United Nations Association Scotland and Youthlink Scotland, with COSLA as observers.

Our intention is to hold an event on 30 August 2002, linked to the World Summit, bringing together all in Civic Scotland interested in the issues being discussed there, and promoting a practical response here. If you would like to be involved in that event or in the Civic Partnership, or would like a copy of the report, please contact Debbie Wilkie on 0131 225 6885 or by e-mail at:

Future Scotland Report launched 25th June

from the Civic Forum newsletter, June 14th 02:
On Tuesday 25 June at an event in Edinburgh City Chambers (3pm - 4.30pm) the Scottish Civic Forum will be publishing their Future Scotland report, a record of the consultation process on sustainable development last summer and announcing the formation of a Future Scotland partnership, to promote sustainable development in Scotland.

As we look forward to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg various questions arise: how has Scotland fared in the sustainable development stakes? What are we reporting to the Summit? How can we promote sustainable development in Scotland after the summit?

The Civic Forum has welcomed the lead taken by the First Minister and his participation in the summit. Therefore on 25 June we will be bringing together any in civic society interested in working in partnership to promote sustainable development. At present a wide range of organisations (churches, unions, youth, business and many others) are involved and if you would like to be present on 25th, or are interested in joining the Future Scotland partnership, or if you simply wish a copy of the report, please contact the office on 0131 225 6789 or by e-mail at:

ITC Evaluation

This consultation received a total of 392 comments from 188 contributors. The comments have been forwarded to the Scottish Executive. The evaluation is now available as 2 pdf files:

Rhona Brankin MSP Joins the Consultation

On Friday 7th September Rhona Brankin, Deputy Minister for Environment and Rural Development, joined this consultation live. Ms Brankin, at Napier University in Edinburgh, answered two questions from 6th form pupils of Lourdes Secondary School, Cardonald, who were at BT Scotland's offices in Glasgow.

"It is all too easy for adults to take the views of young people for granted," she said, "but the decisions we take today on environment policy will shape the world that they will have to live in - that long term view is at the heart of sustainable development. That is why I am encouraging young people to take part in this consultation to tell us what they expect from government, from industry, from society."

Efficient use of resources

On 07 September 2001, Laura Burns from Scotland said:
"We would like to know if you have any plans to develop a national policy on recycling and how you plan to encourage more people throughout Scotland to recycle. We would also like to know what kind of timescale you would see it taking to do this?"
(see comment in discussion)

Rhona Brankin replied:
"Hi Laura
I agree with this challenge. I visited the landfill site in Mount Vernon only last week and am determined to reduced the amount we send to landfill. Recycling will help and we have a new strategy backed up by more than 50 million of extra money for local authorities. This is only the start but I want to encourage everyone to recycle their waste and I know that we have to make this easier for everyone."

(see comment in discussion)

Lifestyle and Transport

On 07 September 2001, Tara Coia from Scotland said:
"What steps can you take to convince us that you really are commited to improving public transport and can you see ways of making travelling by car (particularly in the cities) so unattractive that most people will use public transport?"
(see comment in discussion)

Rhona Brankin replied:
"Hi Tara, and Hi again Laura
Improved public transport:-
- reduces emissions which cause global warming
- cuts congestion
- improves health- 2000 Scots die prematurely every year from air pollution
Sarah Boyack (the Transport Minister) has provided 100m for public transport and 22m for pedestrians and cyclists.
Local authorities will be able to spend more on public transport from any income from road user charging."

(see comment in discussion)

(More about Ms Cameron joining in)
The Scottish Executive and the Scottish Civic Forum will be providing more detailed feedback on this consultation, later on in the Autumn.



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