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This consultation is closed now, but you can still see all the responses and read the background information Thank you to all who took part.

What's this all about?
The Millennium debate on Scotland's future - in preparation for the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002.
We need to think about sustainable development: How can we continue our path of economic growth while we reduce our demands on the earth's resources, improve our environment and tackle poverty and social division? So, over the next six months, we are gathering your views on what has been done well over the last 10 years, and what could be done better. For more detailed information click

Who wants the consultation done, and how will the results be used?
The Scottish Executive, in October 2001, will be preparing Scotland's input to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa in 2002. Your comments on the sort of Scotland that you want to live in will help them develop their response.

Who do they want to consult?
The discussion on the future of Scotland is for everyone in the country - individuals young and old, government, businesses, trade unions, students - everyone. This is your chance to influence the debate.

When is the e-consultation happening?  
Consultation start date: 06 June 2001
Participation Period: 06 June 2001 - 08 October 2001
Feedback date: Autumn 2001

How do I join in?

  • Go to "background ideas" and choose any issue that interests you to find out more about.
  • When you want to comment, click on the "have your say" logo . You write your comments on a 'postcard' form. This will ask you for a name and the first half of your postcode. (The name can be your first name or the name of your organisation, if you are commenting on their behalf.)
  • This name will appear by your comments on the website. The postcode is to help us monitor the spread of those taking part. It will not appear on the website.
  • You can also reply to other people's comments.
  • All details will be passed to the Scottish Civic Forum who will use them only for the purpose of the "What sort of Scotland do we want to live in?" debate.

Conditions of Use
We reserve the right to delete comments that may, in our view, be considered libellous. Users wishing to make comments on this consultation are requested to refrain from using offensive or abusive language, to refrain from including advertising statements or including text of a disruptive nature. Users should be aware that any such comments may be removed. Inclusion of any statement or comment in this site does not indicate that ITC or the consultation sponsors endorse it or take any responsibility for it. In the interests of clarity, comments should not be more than 800 words.


Scottish Executive Scottish Civic Forum  
B.T.                       Friends of the Earth Shell
Scottish Youth Parliament C.B.I. C.O.S.L.A.

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