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Money and poverty

Here are some of the ideas that started off the comments:
Bursaries for staying on at school. More opportunities to earn. Should it be easier to work at a younger age?

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the government should pay us to go to school (0)
03/05/2000 12:41
this is reallly important (0)
16/05/2000 10:38
there should be more ways for young people to make money without being ripped off. my mate 'da.....(read more...) (0)
16/05/2000 14:59
poor people will become homeless (0)
31/05/2000 13:51
Lessons on poverty aren't really relevant in schools. (0)
31/05/2000 14:11
It is really hard for young people who do not get any benefits until they are 18. It means that many.....(read more...) (0)
01/06/2000 18:47

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