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Prejudice and discrimination

Here are some of the ideas that started off the comments:
Racism is disgusting and just shouldn’t happen. People are discriminated against because of their age, sex, and religion.

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People are all different and nobody deserves to be discriminated against for how what they look like.....(read more...) (1)
13/05/2000 15:26
At the beginning of a new millennium, there is no reason why prejudice and discrimination should sti.....(read more...) (0)
26/05/2000 14:03
Young people should not have to suffer any kind of discrimination,especialy not AGEISM!!!!!!! (0)
26/05/2000 14:08
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predjudice and discrimination is a disgrace to our society. After Martin Luther King and all of the .....(read more...) (1)
26/05/2000 14:09
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No matter what people are going to discriminate against you wether your black,white rich,poor,young,.....(read more...) (1)
30/05/2000 19:05
We think that it is a crime more than anything else to discriminate someone.It happens at home ,scho.....(read more...) (0)
08/06/2000 09:24
Even though we have never experiennced racism ourselves we feel so strongly about this issue. Every.....(read more...) (0)
08/06/2000 09:46

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