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Tuition fees for students

Here are some of the ideas that started off the comments:
Get rid of them no students can afford a future.

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tuition fees smell. get rid of them pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase. thank u (1)
03/05/2000 12:39
how do yu expect to get a good cross section of the whole population of scotland in a well payed job.....(read more...) (0)
03/05/2000 20:58
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It should be free to learn (2)
Richard B.
18/05/2000 11:12
I have been reading the consultation paper on Student Finance (24/5/00), as I was pleased to hear th.....(read more...) (0)
24/05/2000 17:15
everyone has a right to education and learning. tuition fees stop less financially secure people fro.....(read more...) (0)
27/05/2000 15:19
As a FE Student about to embark on a HE Community Education degree course I am apalled at the way th.....(read more...) (0)
01/06/2000 17:56
Everyone goes on about trying your best not to get into debt and now students have no choice but to .....(read more...) (0)
01/06/2000 20:50
I think we should keep tuition fees but give it too fourth years as well to keep them comming to sch.....(read more...) (0)
Emma , Holly, Alan
05/06/2000 11:45
I think that it is ridiculous that Children in Scotland have to pay for the enjoyment of Music. I pl.....(read more...) (0)
07/06/2000 13:51

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