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Getting on with family & friends

Here are some of the ideas that started off the comments:
Talk to them more!

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It is very important to set up a good foundation with friends and family so you will always have peo.....(read more...) (0)
Pall Mack
03/05/2000 12:43
Friends are very important,but they can be extremly annoying and sometimes piss me off!!!! (0)
31/05/2000 14:25
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i dont get on with me step dad we always argue. and one of us will end up walking out (2)
kellie marie
01/06/2000 18:51
If you don't get on with your family then you really can't talk to anyone about any problems you hav.....(read more...) (0)
Margaret J.
07/06/2000 19:56

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