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HuWY : Hub Websites for Youth Participation


eDem 2009 Workshop, 7th September, 2009

at 2009 Conference on Electronic Democracy, Vienna, Austria:

Workshop: Social Networking Tools and Widgets to Promote or Expand eParticipation Initiatives.

Organisers; Ella Taylor-Smith (Edinburgh Napier University) and Ralf Lindner (Fraunhofer ISI)
Contact: or


  1. Share information about how people running eParticipation and eGovernment initiatives are using Social Networking (SN) tools to encourage people to get involved in these projects.
  2. Share information about projects and applications which use SN functionality or existing SN tools within eParticipation or eGovernment objectives.
  3. Find out who is using what to get what kind of messages to whom. How successful is this? And how is success measured?
  4. Draw out main points (e.g. Doís and Doníts)

Slides and summaries

Other Materials

EDem 10

4th international Conference on eDemocracy
Centre for E-Govermnent, Danube-University Krems, Austria, 6-7th May 2010
Call for papers. Papers by 1st March 2010

HuWY: Hub Websites for Youth Participation

This workshop is being run by the HuWY project. We intend to use the information gained in our dissemination strategy.
The HuWY project aims to get young people talking about policies and laws which affect the Internet and channel this to people in governments and parliaments, working on these policies. Young people choose the topics and questions, host the discussions on their web pages and post the results on Hubs provided by the project. HuWY partners provide information and support and involve young people and youth groups. HuWY also organise people working on Internet policies to read and use the results. The online Hubs hold supporting information, space for the results of young peopleís discussions and feedback from policy-makers.

eParticipation EU The HuWY project is sponsored by the European Commission under the eParticipation preparatory action.