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This site is now an archive. Please visit us at the Centre for Social Informatics (September 2011)

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ITC home page

Describes the International Teledemocracy Centre's research aims.


A list of ITC news headings.
Each heading is linked to the news item.

News item

News item linked to from its heading on the news page. Includes links to summaries of the relevant project.


An over view of what we do. Individual projects can be found through the project index page or by project partners or research themes.

Project index

A list of ITC projects, past and present. Each project is linked to its summary on a summaries page.

Project summaries

Summaries of ITC projects, past and present. Each summary is linked to more detailed information about the project.

More information

More detailed information about a specific project.
Also contains links to the publications, news and partners associated with the project.

Project partners

Who we work with: a list of parliaments, governments, public authorities, NGOs, CSOs, voluntary organisations, academic institutions and research organisations, commercial organisations and young people's organisations.
Click on an organisation's name to get a list of associated projects (linked to their summaries).

Research themes

A list of research themes relevant to our work.
Click on a theme to get a list of associated projects (linked to their summaries) and publications (linked to their references).

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A list of ITC publications, by reference. Includes refereed publications and project and consultancy reports.
Each reference is linked either to its abstract or to the full paper. Full papers open in a new window.


The abstract of a paper referenced on the publications page.


A list of current ITC staff, affiliates and students.
Staff are linked to either their ITC page or their School of Computing (SOC) page.

A person's page

Information and contact details for an individual ITC staff member.

Contact us

Full contact details for the ITC, including a map and instructions for finding Edinburgh Napier's Merchiston campus.

Site map

This page.

CSI: Centre for Social Informatics

Website of Edinburgh Napier University's Centre for Social Informatics. ITC is part of CSI.

IIDI: Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation

Website of Edinburgh Napier University's Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation. CSI is part of IIDI.

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